Horst Exhibition -  London

On a recent trip to London we visited the V & A museum to see the HORST exhibition photographers of style . Here we saw a varied selection of Horst's work which span over sixty years . I really found the unseen scribbles and pages from his sketchbook the most interesting because you could see the quick thoughts and planning that Horst did before every Photo shoot. Along with surrealism photographs which explored the female body and he also collaborated with the artist Salvador Dalí . I enjoyed seeing the selection of patterns from nature which i think could resemble work today like kaleidoscope , i think it is very intriguing how he produced these considering the date at the time . The main attraction however which i thought was the Coloured photography of ll of the Vogue covers it really showed his journey from begging to end and the extensive work that he has done .Overall i think it was a very useful and insightful trip .

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