I really like the minimal look that this blog has but also its mixture of content including personal style ,high end reviews and also some lifestyle.The writing is very informal and offers us a insight in to her views and opinions on various affairs.As well as having very clean cut images of close ups etc alongside the writing .I think because it has a lot of negative space it makes it easier to digest without being overwhelmed by writing.
I love the visuals that this blog has she really creates a intriguing feel and shows a small slice in to her life with sections that make it easy to navigate across beauty, travel and fashion .Again the photos are really clear and crisp which i think draws the eye in but these are the main focus of the post .
This travel blog really grabbed my attention with it's easy to read content and breath taking images of all around the world .The concise reviews of various cities /countries are really well thought out and its not just about travel it goes on to tell you about what technology is the best , what to wear , where to eat

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