My three new pintrest boards :

After a very interesting lecture on the importance of pintrest and categorising and organising your thoughts etc , I have been trying to keep updated on my very own pintrest .I have already had pintrest for two years however i never really understood the hype i enjoyed using tumblr more however after the lecture we had a few weeks ago i can really see the benefit of pintrest and using this as a professional platform that a potential employer could look at .

So my first board is " Inflatables aren't just for kids", i first created this as i have been seeing more and more editorials and advertisement were a lot of the props are inflatables and used  in a fun carefree way.The second "Ok we get it you like that pattern" is because i keep seeing allot of print on print weather that be garment behind a printed wall.The third is " poolside all year round " as i think fashion loves a good editorial by a pool or in a pool or the backdrop is pool they just cant get enough

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