BBC Perfume Documentary - 

Something old, Something New 

I found this part of the documentary very eye opening and learnt a lot about how different sectors of the perfume industry work and go about things .Most shockingly Guerlain the reknowned parisian perfume brand that has had five generations of its family doing perfume doesn't advertise , dosent do focus groups , dosent do press .Well i say doesn't but they keep to the more traditional way of doing things .In comparison to the Tommy Hilfiger perfume Loud which was the modern way i guess of creating and launching a new perfume .They had focus groups , launch parties , worked with a uk advertising firm all of this for the one launch and to make sure it would be flying of the shelves and be the "it" perfume to have .Both of these brands where trying to appeal to the same target market the younger genereation , especially guerlain who really rely on mothers to bring their dauhterd instore for there first Guerlain perfume . They both wanted to make there perfume stand out in a market that is  overly crowded with new releases .Overall i think that the Tommy Hilfiger fragerence defiantley did this as i remember seeing this perfume and the buzz around it whereas the Guerlain perfume i believe people of my generation would maybe only buy because of the brand a french history.

Bottling the memory

This part showed how the fragrance was made , which was what after all the reason you would carry on buying it for the 10th time.I didnt realise that there was a specific job dedicated to this i thought it must just be chemist . Again they showed to comparisons of the different types of perfumer you get ,Jean Claude Ellena is in-house nose at French brand Hermes where we saw him working in a secluded house out in nature and he draws from this to create his perfume .I think you can really see that he lives and breathers his job and really wants to create a fantasy for your nose.On the other hand American Christopher Brosius is the Proust of perfume, a punk star with a mission to create scents that that can speak to us of times past - whether through the smell of tomato leaves or musty books. I think this alternative way at looking at perfume is thought provoking because i do belive that a ceratin smell can trigger something and make you recall a happy time or memory which can be very nice and sentimental .

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