Overview of last Semester @ FCP NTU

I found the last semester very different to what i had expected before arriving at uni , in some cases good in other cases bad. The things that i really enjoyed is the Photoshop side of things and actually creating something or doing something whilst at a seminar but on the flip side sometimes when i attend the seminars not in IT i feel as if I've come out of it with nothing to show for it and no further understanding or planning .I really dislike the amount of presentations and public speaking that has happened i do understand that we will have to talk about are work and present things when we are working however i didn't sign up to do politics and be a public speaker and i don't see how we should be marked on this . After i understood what would be getting marked i did really enjoy doing mood boards however I'm not used to it taking so long to produce and the workbook at the begging i was really confused as to what I'm meant to be putting in  it but after i stopped worrying about what was right i ended up really enjoying doing it unlike my blog .I found the blog really hard work and tiring to the point that i did just forget about it , i don't think i have the natural flare of writing and to be perfectly honest i thought i sounded like a tit.Next semester coming i am defiantley going to make some improvements in myself 1)I am not going to put things of and push them to the back of my brain 2) I am going to get on top of my required reading i am going to do this as me and my friends have all agreed this is something that needs improving therefore instead of movie nights were going to have book club with snacks of course you can still bring the snacks.I am looking forward to the next brief on perfume as i feel that all the work we will do will flow and link up together to a end result .

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